Array to Columns

Array to Column

Explore this snippet with some demo data here.


Taking a BigQuery ARRAY and creating a column for each value is commonly used when working with ‘wide’ data. The following snippet will let you quickly take an array column and create a row for each value.

   select <columns to keep>, array_value
CROSS JOIN UNNEST(<array_column>) as array_value


  • <columns to keep> is a list of the columns from the original table you want to keep in your query results
  • <array_column> is the name of the ARRAY column


The following example shows how to ‘explode’ 2 rows with 3 array elements each into a separate row for each array entry:

WITH demo_data as (
  select 1 row_index,[1,3,4] array_col union all 
  select 2 row_index, [3,6,9] array_col 
select demo_data.row_index, array_value
  FROM demo_data
  cross join UNNEST(array_col) as array_value
row_index array_col
1 1
1 3
1 4
2 3
2 6
2 9

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