Welcome and Community Guidelines

Hiya :wave:,

Welcome to the SQL Snippets Community!
Improve your SQL skills by discovering and saving helpful snippets from SQL users all over the world.
Create and share your favorite snippets to help build and maintain the first crowdsourced SQL repo of its kind.

How to use this site:

We set up this community to give people a chance to:

  • :telescope: Discover helpful snippets
  • :mega: Comment and improve upon snippets
  • :heart: Save your favorite snippets for future use
  • :bookmark: Add to your bookmarks so you can come back when you need that snippet!

To get started either:

  • Browse by SQL DB type (e.g. BigQuery) or tag (e.g. date-time)
  • Sign-in to comment, upvote and favorite snippets
  • Submit your own snippets!

Any questions or comments, you can get in touch with us here!

Community Guidelines

We ask that you follow a few rules when engaging in this community:

  1. Be Kind and Respectful. Golden rule here folks. When commenting on snippets please treat everyone with the respect they deserve.
  2. Stay Organized. Make sure you check to see if a snippet already exists before starting a new one.
  3. No Spam. Any off-topic promotions can be removed. Many of our examples will link to interactive Count notebooks but this forum is about the community at large, not any one product. We’re happy to see links to any tools as long as it helps the community at large!

About Us

This forum was started by Jason and Taylor. We both work for Count, where we are changing the way you write SQL forever with the first notebook designed for SQL.

Needless to say, we write A LOT of SQL. And as frequent SQL users, we were tired of storing random bits of SQL queries in Notion docs or text files, and we wanted a way to crowdsource analytics in the same way Python and other dev languages have done.

So we started by creating this Github repo but we quickly found it wasn’t the best place to have conversations around these snippets or to let people favorite the ones they wanted to save.

Enter Discourse.